Fly, Run, Eat, Repeat....


Let’s get the easy part over with first. Only two marathons are offered in Maine. So sit down, get out your credit card out and register. Absolutely no way the other one is better than Bay of Fundy Marathon. Is the course difficult HARD? HELL YES! But do you sign up for races because they are easy or flat? No sane person would be doing the 50 states or a marathon, so welcome… Read More

Race week is here and I have to say more than usual I am excited to do this race. Any race that you are required to have a passport check prior to the race is going to be cool. I just think it is COOL to be able to cross into another country during a race. We are still shallow into the work week but are making our preparations for departure on… Read More

Connecticut was the state most recently placed on the completed list as of 10/10/15. We travel via 73SD up to Hartford, CT to show our love once again for the northeast states. As usual, we departed Louisburg, NC and made the 3.5 hour trip up the east coast with a stop in Maryland. In hindsight, the stop was unnecessary since the prevailing winds were pushing us at close to 200mph, making the… Read More

In 21 days we will be traveling to the great state of Rhode Island for the Providence RI Marathon.!race-info/c66t Some cool things going on here at FlyRunEatRepeat. #1 After careful consideration from the 50 States Marathon board I was granted access into the club after completing my 10th state. That is said with a little sarcasm because you essentially send them a $10 check and a list of all the states… Read More