Fly, Run, Eat, Repeat....


Let’s get the easy part over with first. Only two marathons are offered in Maine. So sit down, get out your credit card out and register. Absolutely no way the other one is better than Bay of Fundy Marathon. Is the course difficult HARD? HELL YES! But do you sign up for races because they are easy or flat? No sane person would be doing the 50 states or a marathon, so welcome… Read More

Rhode Island shared with us some really cool experiences both on the course, with travel and new friends. As always, to give it it’s just dues, we must start at the beginning. Friday, May 1st we departed in heavy rain as a low pressure associated with a cold front delivered mind numbing instrument conditions over all of North Carolina extending into Virginia and parts of Delaware. Within 500ft of departing the ground,… Read More

Let’s start with a couple good quotes from this weekend’s travels that were heard or appeared on passing T-shirts that rang true in one such monumental weekend of endurance and mental fortitude. “You never know your boundaries until you push them” ~Liz Newman “Never pray for an easy race, pray for the strength to get through the difficult parts of the race”. ~T-shirt. We knew heading into this weekend that it would… Read More