Bay of Funde – Maine- Race Week

Race week is here and I have to say more than usual I am excited to do this race. Any race that you are required to have a passport check prior to the race is going to be cool. I just think it is COOL to be able to cross into another country during a race. We are still shallow into the work week but are making our preparations for departure on Friday. I will try and post as we go along in the week so I can bring everyone along.

*** Side question: To any of you runners/bloggers/vloggers, if you have found a good way to document on video the actual race course that does not totally inhibit your experience on race day please comment. I am trying new ways because I really want to bring you guys along on this course and I feel photos won’t do this course justice. ***

This race is another “experience” for us and not a race per say. Although the race director has mentioned very cool pottery to the age group and overall place holders with the marathon only being 200 strong I may get an itch on Sunday to run fast. The weather is being reported as a heat wave on Sunday for the race with a high of 63°. REALLY a heat wave at 63°, you should come to North Carolina in the summer! 63° I may wear arm warmers 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great week and stay close for updates and maybe even our first vlog this week.

Happy Running!

2 Comments on “Bay of Funde – Maine- Race Week

  1. It was so awesome meeting you and Nicole! We told all our friends we are now “famous” because we were mentioned in your blog! Thank you so much! We hope to run into you both again at another race!!
    Tina and Ken


    • The pleasure was all ours to meet you two. It was a lot of fun to see you guys throughout the weekend. Maybe we should plan another state that you guys have left for a reunion run!


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