Nashville, Tennessee

As promised here comes Nashville…..

This will be short and simple as I think you can find better races with smaller venues and less people. Also check out the bling for Memphis (BAM for sure).


This past week Nicole, LaRee, James and I traveled to Tennessee for the Nashville Rock n’ Roll Marathon. We had plans to fly 73SD for the 3 hour flight but strong storms moving across the eastern half of the US prevented that and forced us to book regular commercial travel.

As a side note if you have not done Global Entry or TSA pre-check then start the process today with TSA. We had zero wait, kept our shoes on and no latex gloves violated any orifice.

Any who, moving along. We have only done one other Rock n’ Roll race and to say we were not impressed would be an understatement. As reported in our Savannah write-up, the aid stations were extremely far apart and only had the bare minimum of supplies. That was not the case in Tennessee. The aid stations were appropriately placed about every 1-2miles and well stocked. All had Gatorade, Water, Gu, and some fruit (which always kinda weirds me out a little to take peeled fruit from someones hand).


The race start was close to Bridgestone Arena, affectionately known as Smashville. Home to the Nashville Predators hockey team. This race was crazy big, 36,000 people big. James and I were in corral 3 of 40, Nicole and Laree were behind us in corral 12. They estimated 1.5 hours for all corrals to pass the start line! Holy CRAP! That is too long to wait and your race nutrition is blown.

The course was great and you could tell actual thought was placed on how they traversed you through the city. You passed multiple bands of all types, beautiful parks, multiple old home communities. My favorite though was a trip around the baseball stadium. On the field, there was a camera set up so you could see the runners pass on the guitar shaped jumbo-torn.


Granted I have not been running big mileage since Tobacco Road about 5 weeks earlier, so I knew this would be a slow run. That gave us plenty of time to take in the sites of the course and speak to many people along the way, which I really like to do on these races that our main goal is to have fun.

I told you it would be short. Like I said, I think if you are looking to check off a state this race was fine. If you are looking to see interesting things and places or maybe even a unique course, then I would look to another race.


****Important NOTE!! This race is a point to point, NOT A LOOP. Plan on after you cross the finish line having to walk almost a mile back to your car, hotel, taxi etc. The crew after the race took in many of the sites of Nashville. Opry Land, Escape Experience and coffee shops galore. Great food, great company and live music everywhere. I give the race a solid B+ and the weekend as a whole an A+.


4 Comments on “Nashville, Tennessee

  1. nice job on another state…hoping to get up to 9 by the end of year, lot of fun and a long way to go…have you guys done WA yet?


      • Check out Light at the End of the Tunnel…it’s a trail based (not technical) downhill marathon that runs from the top of Snoqualmie Pass down to the small town of North Bend – about 45 minutes east of Seattle. It’s a great race and spectacular scenery…I think it sells out pretty early as it has a limit on the field size and people use it for BQ.


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