Where have you been lately….

You may be asking yourself, where have flyruneatrepeat been lately? Why have they not posted on the blog? Wait, do I even follow the blog anymore?

Well the answer is not short nor without an explanation. Hang on to your shirt tails because I am going to try to make this as short as possible but get everyone up to speed. Ok here goes….

You will remember that during the last post, we had just completed Hartford, Connecticut and were on course to reach our year end goal of racing hard in Kiawah, South Carolina. Within a few short days of coming home and writing that post, I unknowingly had an injury brewing that would be bad, very bad. I will explain and try to keep it light and comical as much as possible.

On the trip back from a London vacation, I did something stupid. Being the journal writer I am, I spent 6 hours writing on the plane without leaving my seat or changing position very much. I thought nothing about it. We arrived home and I was none the wiser to the storm brewing. I continued to train and prepare for Hartford. Over the training cycle, I had a small pain in my buttocks area but it was small and localized. As a runner and general athlete, you understand that discomfort is just part of training and you learn to embrace it. As posted, the actual race in Connecticut went without a hitch. I followed Coach Beth’s plan to the T and never deviated. The stage had been set and the storm was in bound  without my knowledge.

Monday morning, around 4am, it woke me up from a peaceful slumber. Pain like I have never felt. I am not a wussy, or at least I don’t think I am. This pain took me to my feet and then directly to the floor. I was profusely sweating, nauseous, and unable to move my right leg without it feeling like someone was LITERALLY slicing my leg with a sharp hot knife. Here comes the funny part and I still chuckle giving Nicole a hard time. I sleep very free without any confinement of modern stitched fabric. So imagine (no pictures will be posted) I am lying in the floor on the cold tile, sweating, green, shivering, and almost crying from the pain. I do the only thing I know to do since I can not get up. I yell the loudest I can. Ok, this process is not quick and takes many attempts as waking Nicole could best be described as CPR because you are literally bringing someone back from the dead.

Nicole, after her heart regains a normal sinus rhythm and blood starting flowing around the circle of willis, slowly makes her squinting eyed way into the bathroom. She looks down upon my corpse-like body and ask in her sleepiest voice, “What’s going on?” This may seem like an appropriate question. However, by the non verbal cues she is giving off, one would think that seeing me in this state is a normal occurrence and she is trying to figure out why I woke her from the warm comfort of dreams.

Eventually, I made it to the ortho urgent care where they thought I may have slipped a disc, but I knew this was not the case. After some quick X-rays and prescription meds, they started working me up for an MRI that would take weeks to schedule. I never made it to the MRI because over the next few days, we were able to narrow down the real culprit of the pain and start treatment. Periformis syndrome was the diagnosis. On my trip home from London, sitting on my @$$ for so many hours injured my gluteus. It waited, however, until that Monday morning at 4am to spasm. Muscle spasms are bad enough, but then enter part two. Your sciatic nerve has several different options for how it runs down your leg. My anatomy is such that it travels through the gluteus and then down. So, when the muscle spasmed it picked up the sciatic nerve and trapped it under tension. I had trouble walking, could not sleep because I could not lay down, could not sit for a solid week. I was in a bad way and getting very depressed from lack of sleep. Each week got a little better and slowly I would return to running. It was a complete month with ZERO running and then another 2 weeks before my coach would allow me to get any distance. Needless to say, I did not race in Kiawah. Nicole did though and was able to check another state off the list and only missed besting her PR by mere seconds!

The whole injury process would take me well past any comfortable time frame to be back up to speed without risking a further injury. My coach was always positive and I give her a lot of kudos for keeping me sane. I was in a dark place in my running. Mentally I thought I would be starting all over.

Once running again, we took a hard look at the plan and I wanted to regroup and press on. I put 100% of my trust in Beth (TheRunFormula.com) and we started to kick butt. We choose a race close to home in February so that if the injury decided to show its head again I would not be out all the expense of planning an out of town race. Tobacco Road Marathon in Cary, NC would be the race and the goal would be the same. Boston Qualifying. I will let the picture below speak for how the race went.




What I learned from all this adversity.

  1. Trust Yourself
  2. Trust your Coach
  3. Trust your Training
  4. In order to get the results you have to do all the work

We are back up to full steam ahead and we completed Tennessee last week! That race report will be up in the next couple days so stay tuned. Follow us on instagram @flyruneatrepeat as I am trying to become more social media savvy.

Now go run…… 🙂


One Comment on “Where have you been lately….

  1. This was a great recap to bring everyone up to speed (since I know most of the real story), so good job. And YES…..I was wondering where the possess have been since you have some pretty amazing news to share! Congrats again on your BQ! That was such a day great for you!


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